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Lovers of nature and breathtaking landscapes will enjoy a feast for the eyes.

You’re invited to head to the foot of the Pointe de Pléneuf. From here, you’ll get a stunning view over Val-André as you wander along the breakwater that runs along the port of Piégu. You can also take to the heights by climbing one of the big rocks or just enjoy walking along the Lingouare path. From the beginning of the 19th century, walkers and fishing enthusiasts have gathered to enjoy the view over the resort’s iconic Verdelet rock.


Fishing in " La Lingouare" in 1900

L’îlot du Verdelet,

beautiful islet at sea

La légende raconte que l’îlot serait né d’un caillou retiré de la botte du géant Gargantua qui passait par là. Plus « sérieusement » c’est une réserve ornithologique depuis 1973. On s’en approche lors des grandes marées uniquement sans pour autant chercher à y monter. On laisse paisiblement les grands cormorans et les goëlands argentés nicher ici !

En prendre plein la vue

The Pointe de Pléneuf dominates the sea at a height of 70 metres. These are the highest cliffs along the Penthièvre coast. Climb 100 steps and head towards “La Ville Pichard” cairn for yet another breathtaking view of the Verdelet islet and the huge expanse of sand.

Opposite here, head to La Guette with its iconic customs house for views of the bay. Take a moment to sit and look out to the open water as the sea air engulfs you.

Panorama exceptionnel de la pointe de Pléneuf sur le Verdelet

Vastes plages sauvages

Changement de décors avec les vastes plages sauvages bordées par un énigmatique cordon de galets. A marée basse, plus de 3 kilomètres de sable fin se dévoile de la plage des Vallées à la Ville-Berneuf.

Sur le sable, on pratique le char à voile. Dans l’eau, on s’initie au surf ou au paddle. Et pour les plus téméraires, on s’essaye au parapente.

Objectifs dunes !

The dunes at Ville Berneuf are classified as an “espace naturel sensible” (vulnerable natural area) and are one of the last remaining dune systems in Saint-Brieuc bay. Covering an area of 10 hectares, there are 175 recorded plant species, of which 10 are very rare. The vegetation is enclosed by the shingle bank, the dunes and the sandy cliffs. Trees battered by the winds stand, defiantly. This site can be reached via a designated footpath.

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Who am I ?

I am a migratory bird and I come from Africa, more precisely from the southern Sahelian zone. Smaller than my cousin, I can be recognized with my brown back and white belly. I nest in natural wetlands such as silty coastal cliffs which are easier to dig for nesting. In Pléneuf-Val-André, the Plage des Vallées is my favorite address… or rather our favorite address since we live with family. To protect us, the nest can reach up to a meter deep! I love small insects and I can have up to 5 little ones per year.

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Où manger pour profiter des étendues sauvages

Où dormir près des étendues sauvages

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